Centerpoint, which educates and counsels hundreds of teenagers, is poised to shut down


Click to enlarge Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services, which has long provided counseling and educational services to hundreds of at-risk youth, is expected to close on Sept. 1 even as the number of teens needing mental health support soars. Centerpoint, which also operates a therapeutic school for teenagers, will close unless a new provider steps in, … Read more

How to deadhead coneflowers – expert advice for a longer lasting floral display

Q: I planted several new coneflowers (echinacea) in my garden this year as part of a drought-tolerant prairie-garden program. They have started to bloom and are beautiful, but I wonder what to do when the flowers fade. Should I deadhead them, and if so, what’s the best approach? A: Dead plants are beneficial in more … Read more