The Invisible Impact of Mental Illness: Accelerating Biological Age

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New research has found that people with a history of mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders have blood metabolites that indicate they are biologically older than their actual age. The finding could partly explain why these individuals have shorter lifespans and higher rates of age-related illness, potentially transforming the way physical … Read more

Biological Age Reversal: Longevity Researcher Reveals Age-Defying 10-Year-Old Morning Routine!

Biological Age Reversal: Longevity Researcher Reveals Age-Defying 10-Year-Old Morning Routine!

Antiaging researcher David Sinclair says he reversed his “biological age” by 10 years. David Sinclair, a 53-year-old Harvard biologist and anti-aging researcher, says his “biological age” is 10 years younger than his real age [1]. “My calculated biological age has dropped over the past decade or more to a point where I’m expected to live … Read more

The mango leaf reversed my memory loss and I’m now more awake than ever at the age of 86!

Mango leaves

I can’t believe it, sighed Leni Hayes as she retrieved her car keys from the freezer, staring at them in disbelief. How the hell did they get here? For the 86-year-old Bellingham, Washington resident, moments of confusion like this one grew in frequency and worried her more and more. Lately, she’s found herself scrambling for … Read more

The top 8 fruits that the longest-lived people on earth eat regularly to age in good health

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wWe are well aware that adopting a plant-based diet can offer many health benefits. But did you know that it’s also linked to increasing your longevity? Deliver fruit and vegetables, let’s say. According to National Geographic reporter Dan Buettner, longevity expert and founder of the Blue Zones, there’s no question that fruits and vegetables play … Read more

A daily multivitamin can help your memory, but only if you’re in this age group

Examples of the memory tests conducted during the clinical trial.

Research checks query newly published studies and how they are reported in the media. The analysis is undertaken by one or more academics not involved in the study and reviewed by another to ensure it is accurate. Don’t we all want to do what we can to reduce the impact of age-related decline on our … Read more