Breaking barriers: Men overcoming stigma and seeking mental health support

Myths and stigma often keep men from seeking help for their mental health issues. Published: July 03, 2023, 7:00 am IST Society’s expectations often dictate that men be tough and inflexible, making it difficult for them to address their mental health issues openly. |) Society’s expectations often dictate that men be tough and inflexible, which … Read more

Utah mom says mothers need to seek help with depression, anxiety

Kristin Arnold

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah About 15-20% of women experience more severe symptoms of depression or anxiety during or after pregnancy than the average woman. This is second International postpartum support. While these feelings can be overwhelming, experts want women to know that effective treatment options are available. An Eagle Mountain mother shares her story for Healthy … Read more

What cricket can teach us about experiencing mind time and coping with anxiety

Woman suffering from anxiety.

Bowlers playing for England and Australia in the current Ashes cricket series are collectively set to deliver at least 540 balls each day (that’s 90 overs of six balls each plus if they bowl ballless or wide). If one side’s bowlers fail to capture all ten wickets in one day, they have to work hard … Read more

These foods may help reduce anxiety, according to a nutrition psychiatrist


If you’ve ever been worried or nervous, you may be able to testify that an anxious mind causes an anxious stomach. Those butterflies in the stomach are no accident! When this happens occasionally, it’s completely normal, even good for you. There’s even a word for the healthy form of stress: Eustress is what arises in … Read more