Napa’s Health Insurance Guys: Don’t Have Long Term Care Insurance? You may need to pay a fee.

THOMAS SCHRETTE, JOHN ALAN CASH, KYLE IVERSON I read your column about the impending tax on people unless they have a long-term care plan in place. The trouble is, I have quotes for my wife and I and the price is so high! We only made $250 a day, two years, 3% inflation and a … Read more

Biden Targets ‘Junk’ Insurance, Vowing to Save Money for Consumers Who Are Construed as ‘Suckers’

FILE - Plumes of steam rise above White Island off the coast of Whakatane, New Zealand, December 11, 2019, following a volcanic eruption on December 9.  violations when New Zealand's White Island volcano erupted in 2019, killing 22.  (AP Photo/Mark Baker, Files)

WASHINGTON (AP) President Joe Biden on Friday launched a new set of initiatives to reduce health care costs: a crackdown on what he called junk insurance plans that play consumers like suckers, new guidelines to prevent surprise medical bills and an effort to reduce medical bills credit card debt. Biden is building previous initiatives to … Read more

Georgia launches Medicaid expansion in closely monitored test of job requirements

FIILE - Cassandra Welchlin, executive director of the Mississippi Black Women Roundtable, speaks during a news conference on groups pushing for lawmakers to extend postpartum Medicaid from 60 days to 12 months, Jan. 26, 2023, at the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson.  A Mississippi law that goes into effect on Saturday, July 1, 2023 authorizes one full year of postpartum Medicaid coverage.  (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)

ATLANTA (AP) Georgia is offering a new deal to some uninsured adults starting Saturday: Go to work or school and the state will cover you. But advocates denounce the plan, which will insure far fewer people than a full-blown state Medicaid program, as unnecessarily restrictive and expensive. The program is likely to be followed as … Read more

Internet gambling would be allowed for another 5 years under the latest change in New Jersey

Hard Rock casino, left, Showboat hotel, center, and Ocean casino, right, are shown June 15, 2023 in Atlantic City, NJ New Jersey lawmakers on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, approached to extend New Jersey's Internet gambling law for another 10 years.  (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (AP) Internet gambling in New Jersey would be permitted for at least another five years under state lawmakers’ latest proposal. On Wednesday night, lawmakers dropped a move they made the day before to slash the extent of online casino gambling in the state. An original bill re-authorizing online betting would have given … Read more

‘Kosher Experience’ is coming to a Fry’s near you

Daniella Lerma, Frys’ multicultural specialist, travels to California four or five times a year. She likes going to the Ralphs grocery store in La Jolla, which houses one of the largest kosher sections of the Krogers range (the parent company of Frys and Ralphs), she said. As you enter, there is a kosher bakery, kosher … Read more