Judge rules against Florida in fight to place children in nursing homes

TALLAHASSEE After a decades-long legal battle, a federal judge on Friday ordered Florida to make changes to keep children with complex medical conditions out of nursing homes and help them receive care in their homes or family communities. US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks, siding with the US Department of Justice, ruled that Florida violated the … Read more

Cincinnati area children in crisis wait on the list for mental health care

A fourth grader works with a therapist at Best Point Education and Behavioral Health in Madisonville on June 13.  The nonprofit has a long waiting list of children in the region in need of mental health care.

More than 2,000 children are on a waiting list for mental health help at just one center in the Cincinnati area. The average waiting time to be seen by a professional: 98 days. That’s more than 2,000 parents who lie half awake at night listening and worrying about their children, said Kate Schroder, president and … Read more

Legislature reissues stalled NC Parental Bill of Rights that targets trans children

It shows a man and woman holding placards.  His sign reads Trust the Teachers!  and its sign reads Trans Youth Belong

By Rose Hoban Throughout their careers in theater and teaching the theater arts, Paulette and John Marty have met, worked with, and mentored many people who identify as LGBTQ. We have always expressed support for queer and transgender students, and have worked with many students, and have been for years, Paulette said. As educators, the … Read more

Psychiatry on TikTok: Ethically Educating Teens

Psychiatry on TikTok: Ethically Educating Teens

SPECIAL REPORT: CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY “Have you considered rocket fuel? It’s the perfect stimulant to replace Adderall! You swipe. PTSD? Try touch therapy! It’s better than any drug on the market! You swipe and moan. Anyone who spends time on social media has seen these ads. Influencers, vloggers, celebrities, and everyone in between are … Read more

What to do if your child is struggling: Steps healthcare professionals can take to help children and adolescents with their mental health

A woman with her arm around a teenager, sitting on the edge of a bed, seen from behind

Emerging research suggests that mental health problems among children and adolescents are on the rise. For example, one in four children report experiencing clinically elevated rates of depression, and the rates of emergency room visits for attempted suicide have increased by 22% in recent years. As clinicians and researchers, we have interacted with thousands of … Read more