Stroke: Strenuous exercise increases the risk for people with blocked arteries

A woman helps a man with an exercise band.

Share on PinterestA recent study looked at the impact of strenuous exercise on stroke risk among people with blocked arteries. Drazen Zigic/Getty Images New research has found that an increased heart rate can lead to strokes in people with carotid artery stenosis (blocked arteries). For people without blocked arteries or minimal blockage, exercise helps maintain … Read more

Can’t take the side effects of statins? Bempedoic acid lowers LDL cholesterol and reduces cardiovascular risks

Heart health boosting concept

Bempedoic acid, a cholesterol-lowering drug, has shown positive results in a large study, reducing major adverse cardiovascular events by 13% in patients who cannot tolerate statins. The study highlights the drug’s potential to offer a beneficial alternative for those unable to use first-line statin treatments, although its cholesterol-lowering effect is not as potent. The drug … Read more