I have chronic inflammation and these are the easy anti-inflammatory breakfasts I make over and over

Alexandra Shytsmann

It will only take you 5 minutes to prepare these 5 favorite meals! Alexandra Shytsmann Reviewed by Dietitian Emily Lachtrupp, MS, RD I talked about my struggles with inflammation in my dry January reflex and raved about one of my favorite anti-inflammatory lunches that time, but in case you’re behind: I was diagnosed with ocular … Read more

Doctor reveals natural compound that helps tame chronic pain

Doctor reveals natural compound that helps tame chronic pain

When chronic pain flares up, it can be hard to focus on anything else until you find relief. Over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers may seem like an easy fix. But the side effects of both are well known and can be devastating. Fortunately, recent research has located a compound known as palmitoylethanolamide (PEA for short) … Read more

Surprise: Studies show that ginseng tea can help treat chronic fatigue, reduce hunger, reverse thinning hair, and more!

Ginseng plant root

With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginseng tea has been used by health professionals in the Far East for thousands of years to promote vitality and improve well-being. And for good reason, say modern scientists who recently pinpointed the amazing benefits of ginseng tea. The Asian ginseng plant was discovered more than 5,000 years … Read more