Forget Crunches: This Standing Ab Exercise Sculpts Your Core With Just 4 Movements

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While sit-ups, planks, and crunches all have a place in the best abs routine, if you always do your abs workouts lying down on a mat, you’re missing out on some of the functional benefits of a standing abs workout. Not only are standing ab workouts great when there’s no floor space in the gym, … Read more

5 best beginner kettlebell ab exercises to build a stronger core

If you’re a beginner, I recommend adding these five kettlebell abs exercises to your main routine. To build a strong core foundation, you need a set of exercises that help you develop core functional strength and target the entire core muscles. So, think of these moves as your bread-and-butter kettlebell exercises. By adding them to … Read more

Anti-rotation exercises offer an underrated way to train your core

anti-rotation exercises

6 anti-rotation exercises for cyclistsTrevor Raab “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on certain articles through these links.” Becoming a stronger, more resilient cyclist isn’t just about the miles you ride. Every exercise you do in your off-road workouts can help you build a body better able to handle those miles. A … Read more

Build full-body strength and train your core like never before with just six moves and a dumbbell

You only have 30 minutes to train. Do you train your core to improve balance and posture or do you opt for a full-body session to build functional muscles? Well, what if you don’t have to choose? This six-move routine combines an effective core session and uses muscles throughout the body and all you need … Read more