Rich Gaspari Shares Abs Exercise for Strength and Intensity Workout Hypertrophy Tip: Total Annihilation – Fitness Volt

Rich Gaspari

Veteran of bodybuilding Rich Gaspari he’s a strong advocate of using intensity to improve his package at the gym. Though he transitioned from professional racing years ago, his decades of experience have transformed him into a revered figure in the community. In recent posts shared on Instagram, Gaspari shared an abs exercise to build strength … Read more

Dorian Yates shares his favorite exercises for longevity: Fitness Volt

Dorian Yates

Legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates he carried his passion for training into his later years. The six-time Mr. Olympia continues to lead a healthy lifestyle after stepping away from professional competition years ago. In a recent Instagram post, Yates shared some of his favorite longevity exercises. Dorian Yates rose to prominence for his immense muscle mass, … Read more

The Bristol fitness instructor who carved his name on the wall of the Colosseum asks the Italian for forgiveness

Dimitov was filmed carving his and his girlfriend's name on the wall of the Colosseum with a set of keys

A UK-based fitness instructor seen by millions around the world defacing the 2,000-year-old Colosseum has apologized to police for his wanton vandalism. Ivan Dimitrov, 27, who also goes by the name Ivan Hawkins, has been identified exclusively by MailOnline, along with his girlfriend Hayley Bracey, 33, after an outraged tourist filmed him carving their names … Read more

Lee Priest claims to remove unnecessary divisions and endorses Arnold Schwarzenegger on Chris Bumstead – Fitness Volt

Lee Priest

Of Australia Lee Priest has turned into an expert bodybuilding source since the days of competitions. In a recent YouTube video by RxMuscle, Priest urged removing unnecessary splits in bodybuilding and picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to defeat Chris Bumstead in a fantasy match. Lee Priest made a name for himself with impressive muscle mass, size and … Read more

Tom’s Guide Awards 2023: Our favorite fitness and health products for an active life


Many people prioritize health and fitness in their daily experiences. But this year in particular, many great devices, products and services have helped make active lifestyles even better. From the best exercise machines to our running shoes and fitness-tracking smartwatches, there are more ways than ever to tap into your personal health journey. Traveling by … Read more

Because the Assault Air Bike gives you the most efficient cardio workout, no matter your fitness level

Because the Assault Air Bike gives you the most efficient cardio workout, no matter your fitness level

RRecently, I realized that I’ve tried just about every cardio machine out there except one: the assault bike. This wind-generating, low-impact/high-output exercise bike lets you control the resistance, depending on your effort. Imagine an elliptical machine where you use your arms and legs. Now imagine that you are sitting while you do this. That’s an … Read more

Garmin’s fitness and health tracking metrics explained: Find out what your smartwatch is telling you

There is a wide variety of sports wearables that offer insight into our heart rate, breathing, recovery, training, and health. Of the brands competing in this arena, Garmin is one of the biggest and most well-known, but what are the metrics actually tracked by Garmin smartwatches? And what do those measurements really tell you? I … Read more

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the latest fitness influencer? Let’s take a look

bench press with barbell

While bodybuilding enthusiasts may have something to say about Arnold’s status as the greatest iron pumper of all time, there’s no question that to the casual observer, Schwarzenegger is by far the most infamous bodybuilder to walk the Earth. . The impact The Austrian Oak has had on the entire fitness world cannot be underestimated. … Read more

Train like Pro-SpartanRose Wetzel – Muscle & Fitness

Rose Wetzel watches a deserted street

Rose Wetzel is a woman of many titles and one who wears many hats. Each title held required dedication, tenacity, determination and passion. Mother, Competitive Runner, Ninja Warrior Finalist, Precision Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Pro-Spartan Steeplechase Runner to name a few. Wetzels’ achievements speak for themselves, finishing in the top 10 … Read more

Flex Lewis Names Top 3 Chest Exercises For A Ripped Chest – Generation Iron Fitness & Strength Sports Network

Chest Flex Lewis

Image via Instagram @flex_lewis There are only 3 moves needed to build an Olympia Champion Chest. Do you want stunning visual impact and better performance in any activity that requires force projection? Then it’s time to build yours Chest correctly! And what’s better than looking good while stuffing your t-shirt? The Flex Lewis Chest Workout … Read more