The 5 longevity exercises recommended by a physical therapist to keep you strong and pain-free as you ageNo equipment required

Split squat isometric grip

Noewton was onto something (beyond pure physics) with the whole thing of a moving body staying in motion. Longevity experts are clear: If you’re hoping to limit aches and pains as you age, staying active now is key. But that doesn’t necessarily mean putting your body through grueling workout after grueling workout—in fact, it’s far … Read more

The 6 Secrets to Building an Attractive and Strong Chest BOSROX

The 6 Secrets to Building an Attractive and Strong Chest BOSROX

Discover the 6 secrets to building an attractive and strong trunk. Follow this and you will have an impressive looking upper body. Increasing the strength of your chest muscles will also improve the strength of your back muscles. The chest comprises some of the largest muscle groups in the upper body. This means that working … Read more

The Only 2 Six-Pack Exercises You’ll Ever Need for Strong, Great Looking Abs BOSROX

Abs-and-Core-Strength-for-Athletes How to build more visible abs

These are the only 2 six-pack exercises you need for strong, great looking abs! But there’s a problem Some may suggest that only two exercises are needed to effectively train a muscle group. Despite the title at the top of the page, this isn’t recommended. Limiting yourself to just two exercises is not enough because … Read more