Train like Pro-SpartanRose Wetzel – Muscle & Fitness

Rose Wetzel watches a deserted street

Rose Wetzel is a woman of many titles and one who wears many hats. Each title held required dedication, tenacity, determination and passion. Mother, Competitive Runner, Ninja Warrior Finalist, Precision Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Pro-Spartan Steeplechase Runner to name a few. Wetzels’ achievements speak for themselves, finishing in the top 10 … Read more

Anti-rotation exercises offer an underrated way to train your core

anti-rotation exercises

6 anti-rotation exercises for cyclistsTrevor Raab “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on certain articles through these links.” Becoming a stronger, more resilient cyclist isn’t just about the miles you ride. Every exercise you do in your off-road workouts can help you build a body better able to handle those miles. A … Read more

Train like an F1 driver – an eye-opening experience to insane levels of fitness

Train like an F1 driver - an eye-opening experience to insane levels of fitness

If you’ve looked at an F1 driver, there’s one aspect of their physique that seems more unusual than most. To the outside world, F1 and indeed any motor sport may be dismissed as not one of the most physically demanding sports in the world after all, but for those who have paid a little more … Read more

Build full-body strength and train your core like never before with just six moves and a dumbbell

You only have 30 minutes to train. Do you train your core to improve balance and posture or do you opt for a full-body session to build functional muscles? Well, what if you don’t have to choose? This six-move routine combines an effective core session and uses muscles throughout the body and all you need … Read more