More potent than SSRIs Scientists develop two new drug candidates that could treat addiction and depression

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Scientists have developed two new drug candidates, inspired by a traditional African psychedelic medicinal plant called ibogaine, that can potentially treat addiction and depression in mice by targeting the serotonin transporter. These compounds mimic the desirable effects of ibogaine without its side effects, and more testing is underway to explore their therapeutic potential. The targeted … Read more

MA health officials propose better ways to treat patients

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With the COVID-19 public health emergency over, state officials and organizations are struggling to restore a Massachusetts healthcare industry experiencing staff shortages and high levels of worker burnout factors that prevent some residents from accessing the necessary health care. Healthcare professionals say it’s time for the industry to change. All sectors are hurting,[but]I don’t think … Read more

FDA approves first cell therapy to treat patients with type 1 diabetes

FDA approves first cell therapy to treat patients with type 1 diabetes

SILVER SPRING, Md., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved Lantidra, the first allogeneic (donor) pancreatic islet cell therapy made from deceased donor pancreatic cells for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. the treatment of adults with type 1 diabetes who are unable to reach target glycated hemoglobin … Read more

Surprise: Studies show that ginseng tea can help treat chronic fatigue, reduce hunger, reverse thinning hair, and more!

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With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginseng tea has been used by health professionals in the Far East for thousands of years to promote vitality and improve well-being. And for good reason, say modern scientists who recently pinpointed the amazing benefits of ginseng tea. The Asian ginseng plant was discovered more than 5,000 years … Read more