2 health opinion leaders trust this supplement to boost their brain health

The founders of Peoples Pharmacy look to scientific data to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Since the mid-1970s, Terry and Joe Graedon, medical anthropologists and pharmacologists, respectively, have championed holistic approaches to wellness, sharing their passion for natural health and evidence-based research on the popular website, podcast and national radio show of People’s Pharmacy.

As public awareness of natural products increased in the 1990s, Terry and Joe began exploring the potential benefits of herbs and other natural remedies by challenging the common perception that only pharmaceuticals deliver results.

Many drugs have a lot of unwanted side effects, just think of the disclaimers on the last drug commercial you saw on TV. Natural products rarely have these kinds of consequences, Joe points out.

Terry and Joe Graedon, founders of The Peoples Pharmacy.

Graedons discoveries, many of which have been published in over 18 books, such as The Peoples Pharmacy Quick and convenient home remedies AND The best mistakes doctors make and how to avoid themthey have only continued to grow in the public interest.

There is a lot of insecurity in today’s world and people are looking for reliable resources, says Joe. We have a responsibility to our readers and listeners to be objective and really delve into the research and science and give people the whole story, as far as we know.

There is power in protecting your brain

Preserving brain health has been a key area of ​​focus ever since the Chapel Hill, North Carolina couple first learned of the benefits of the cacao plant while living in a small village in Oaxaca, Mexico. Terry was pursuing his doctorate (he has a Ph. D. in anthropology.)

Since then, Terry and Joe have become advocates of the health benefits of incorporating cocoa flavanols into your daily diet.

The idea of ​​keeping the brain as functional as possible and relying on science to better understand how the brain responds to ingredients like cocoa was of great interest to us, says Joe.

That’s why both Terry and Joe take a CocoaVia cocoa flavanol supplement every day. I’ve been taking CocoaVia for so long I never want to go without it, says Joe. I value my brain, so cocoa flavanols are important to my sense of well-being. And what we love about the brand is that there are relatively few products that have been studied as well, as long, and by researchers as reputable as CocoaVia.

For over 20 years, CocoaVia has been dedicated to scientific research into the health benefits of cocoa flavanols, or healthful compounds found naturally in cocoa beans. Proven to boost brain performance, improve memory and support heart health, CocoaVias high-quality cocoa flavanols are extracted from cocoa beans in Indonesia and packaged into easy-to-take daily supplements.

Cocoa flavanols are backed by science

Researchers at Columbia University conducted a three-year study and found that daily consumption of flavanols can improve brain and memory performance during normal cognitive aging. The study, published in June, showed that early in the trial, participants with a relatively higher dietary flavanol intake and better diet quality tended to perform better on memory tasks designed to probe hippocampus, a brain region susceptible to age-related memory decline. Participants who started the trial with a lower intake of flavanols in their diet were given a cocoa extract supplement containing 500 mg of cocoa. After just one year, these people experienced an average 16% improvement in their memory and reported having better memory than when they started the trial. This improvement in memory performance appeared to be sustained over the three-year follow-up.

There’s a wide range of research on cocoa flavanols, and most of it points in the same direction, Terry explains. The Effect of Cocoa Flavanols on Blood Pressure It is clear that cocoa flavanols promote healthy blood circulation and help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and this appears to be a benefit to the brain.

And after rigorous testing for ingredient quality, ConsumerLab.com listed it as the overall top pick for cocoa products with the highest concentration of flavanols. (ConsumerLab.com is considered a leading authority on independent testing and information on health and nutrition products.) It’s that kind of data that warms our hearts because there are very few other entities like ConsumerLab.com that can say they do. they did the research and here’s what they found, says Terry.

Lifestyle changes can also help give your brain a boost

Maintaining brain health requires a multifaceted approach, Terry and Joe explain. In addition to the potential benefits of taking cocoa flavanol supplements daily, they recommend engaging in physical activity (anything that gets you moving is exercise will help your brain health, Terry says), maintaining a balanced diet, ensuring adequate intake of essential nutrients such as B vitamins, such as some of the general lifestyle choices that can play a vital role in optimizing brain health.

The evidence is clear enough. If you follow reasonable lifestyle recommendations, including getting a good night’s sleep, exercising regularly, and taking supplements like CocoaVia, That it will have far more benefit than trying to stable the horses back, Terry says. Because once they’re out, it’s almost too late. For us, prevention is the name of the game.

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