5 tips for working out on vacation, according to a personal trainer

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  • An exercise physiologist says the holidays are the perfect time to try out new workouts.

  • She recommends scheduling your workouts throughout the day so you’re committed to doing them.

  • You can also use the exercise as a way to explore a new position.

While going on vacation can feel stressful if you have an established exercise routine, it’s important to give yourself a break, according to exercise physiologist Tom Holland.

In fact, Holland said a break from your regular fitness schedule can actually be a great opportunity. Not only will a break help you recover and prevent burnout, but it can also be a time to explore new types of fitness that you wouldn’t normally do.

Here are Holland’s five tips for training on the go.

Try not to worry too much

While it may seem difficult, the author and personal trainer said try not to worry about taking a break from your schedule and just enjoy your vacation. Rest allows our bodies to recover from the stress we place on them through exercise, Holland said.

“We don’t get strong during the training session,” he said. “We grow strong in recovery.”

As personal trainer Luke Worthington previously told Insider, your strength and aerobic gains will likely hold up for about four weeks without training.

Holland said taking time off also helps prevent overtraining, which can lead to injury and drain motivation from exhaustion.

She said the trick is to train hard during your sessions and then take it easy when you’re not at the gym. You’ll be much more excited to get back into your routine when you actually do.

A vacation is an opportunity to try something new

If you decide to exercise on vacation, Holland said to look at it as an opportunity to mix up the type of exercise you normally do. Our bodies are really good at adapting to the stress we put on it, he said, so it’s important to switch up your routine every once in a while to keep getting results.

“So that strength person who doesn’t do enough cardio, go for walks, do some runs, interval training, jump rope,” she said

If you normally run a lot, Holland recommends trying body-weight exercises or a different form of cardio through swimming.

Bring some easily packable exercise equipment

While you probably won’t be able to fit dumbbells in your carry-on, Holland said there is some easy-to-carry exercise equipment he likes to take on vacation.

For cardio, Holland likes to pack a jump rope, which you can use in any outdoor space. In addition to being a great cardio workout, jumping rope is also great for heart and bone health, as Insider’s Kelly Burch and Marissa Cruz Lemar previously reported.

Resistance bands are another lightweight and great option for getting strength training, she said.

Using different equipment from your normal routine will also add variation that you might not get otherwise, according to Holland

Plan your workout time

Holland said setting aside some time during the day can also be a great way to maintain routine. Early in the morning, before everyone gets up or right before dinner, she said, is her favorite time to work out.

Depending on the vacation, Holland said you’ll also get plenty of exercise during the day by simply walking or swimming.

Use exercise as a way to explore

Exercise can also be a way to explore a new place if you’re traveling for the holidays, Holland said. Going for a run or a bike can be a great way to see a new place, she said, and end up in places you don’t normally go while walking.

Searching for a local gym is another unique way to experience a new city or town, she said.

Ultimately, Holland said if you want to add exercise to your vacation, go for it, but don’t be afraid to take a break, too.

“If you do work, you need that time off. You have to recharge your batteries emotionally, physiologically and psychologically,” she said.

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