7 exercises to slim a thick waist in 30 days

Let’s face it: dealing with a thick waistline can be frustrating. If you want a more refined midsection, we have some exciting news. We talked to TJ Mentus, CPTa certified personal trainer and fitness expert with Garage Gym Reviews, who shares seven powerful exercises to help you lose inches off your waist in 30 days.

While carrying extra cushion around your abdominal area may be a cosmetic issue, it doesn’t do your health any favors. Excess belly fat increases your risk of dangerous health conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. That’s why consistently performing movements that help you stay in top shape and lose inches from your waistline is critical to your overall health, well-being, and longevity.

Without further ado, here are Mentus’ seven killer exercises to help you slim down your waistline and improve your health in 30 days flat. Read on to find out more, and next, don’t miss the top 5 exercises for belly fat you can do in just 10 minutes a day.

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First on this list of exercises that will help you lose inches from your waist in 30 days is the air bike sprint. Air bike sprints are high-intensity exercise that burns calories and promotes fat loss. “Sprints are one of the most effective ways to burn fat,” says Mentus. “High-intensity bursting rapidly increases caloric demands while requiring muscle strength and power while preserving the muscles of the body. Using an air bike helps reduce the impact on the joints while working the entire body while the arms they work with their legs.” Aim for 10 minutes of 30-second sprints followed by 30 seconds of rest.

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Abdominal exercises like bicycle crunches can be very effective for strengthening your core. This movement also targets your obliques to help sculpt a six pack abs. Mentus tells us, “This style of crunches will work your entire core, helping strengthen your core. A normal crunch works your six-pack muscles, but a cycling crunch engages your obliques, and you twist your shoulders with each.” repetition bringing the knee to the elbow”.

Lie on your back, then place your hands next to your ears. Twist to the right side with the left elbow. As you twist, bring your right knee up to your chest to meet your elbow while your other leg is extended off the ground. Repeat on the other side as you straighten your right leg and keep it off the ground. Perform four sets of 25 bicycle crunches per side.

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Kettlebell swings are a dynamic exercise that works the whole body. This movement will engage your core, glutes, upper back, and legs. “Kettlebell swings are a full-body exercise that will get your heart rate up. Your core needs to stay tight throughout the movement as your hips and legs generate the force as your upper body stabilizes and holds the weight,” she explains Mentus.

Hold the kettlebell with both hands between your legs. Keep your back flat and reach for the kettlebell through your legs by pushing your hips back. Keep your arms straight and aggressively extend your hips, allowing the kettlebell to swing at chest level. Drive the kettlebell down with your arms and move into the next rep. Complete eight rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.

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Combining a squat, plank, and jump, burpees provide a high-intensity cardio workout by activating your abs, obliques, and lower back. “Burpees might be the best bodyweight exercise for burning calories,” says Mentus. “Your arms and legs will work hard to move your body, which will cause your heart rate to rise rapidly. They can also be done anywhere because they’re a bodyweight movement.”

Drop to the floor, kicking your feet behind you and letting your chest touch. Push your chest off the ground and simultaneously jump your feet forward. Then, lift your hands off the ground and jump back up. Do four sets of 10 reps with 30 seconds of rest between sets.

medicine ball shots

This underrated exercise will engage your entire body and help you build a tapered waist. Mentus says, “This is a simple, high-intensity exercise that allows you to exert as much force as possible when throwing a medicine ball to the ground. Use a medicine ball that isn’t too bouncy and a moderate weight, in the 15 to 20-pound range.” .”

Start with a medicine ball placed between your feet. Pick up the medicine ball and bring it all the way over your head. Throw the medicine ball between your feet as hard as you can. Complete five minutes of 30-second 30-second medicine ball slams and see how many reps you can get through.

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An explosive plyometric exercise that works the lower body and engages the core, squat jumps combine a squat and vertical jump to increase calorie burn and increase leg strength, leading to a slimmer waist. “Squat jumps are a great plyometric move to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Any type of jump requires a lot of effort, significantly raising your heart rate,” says Mentus.

Squat sitting hips back and down while keeping your chest up. Once you reach maximum depth, explode from below, jumping as high as possible. Land and reset before the next rep. Perform 10 minutes of squat jumping, alternating between one-minute max squat jumps and one-minute rest.

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The last of these exercises that will help you lose inches from your waist in 30 days is the dumbbell booster. The dumbbell thruster is a compound exercise that works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, offering a top-notch calorie torch. “Thrusters are a motion that will tire most people quickly,” Mentus says. “They combine a squat with a shoulder press in one movement. This combination requires a lot of energy and muscle strength, making them very effective for burning fat.”

Hold a dumbbell horizontally in each hand, with one end of each resting on your shoulders. Perform a squat, keeping the dumbbells upright. Explode from the bottom of the squat and simultaneously press the dumbbells overhead. Lower the dumbbells to your shoulder and start the squat for the next rep. Perform four sets of 12 to 15 thrusters with a challenging weight with which you can maintain proper form.

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