Because the Assault Air Bike gives you the most efficient cardio workout, no matter your fitness level

RRecently, I realized that I’ve tried just about every cardio machine out there except one: the assault bike. This wind-generating, low-impact/high-output exercise bike lets you control the resistance, depending on your effort. Imagine an elliptical machine where you use your arms and legs. Now imagine that you are sitting while you do this. That’s an assault bike. They’re typically found in CrossFit, used as the cardio component of the workout, but they’re starting to pop up more in mainstream gyms as well.

In the last month I’ve started going to a gym called BeastBike and the assault bike is a staple of their programming. They use a combination of dumbbells, medicine balls, and bikes for a 20-minute high-intensity workout that leaves you breathless by the end. (I know 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but believe me, it’s enough.)

Why I thought doing anything with the word aggression in the title would be something like I’m used to is beyond me. As a trainer myself, I train at least four times a week, so I’m no stranger to fitness, but by the end of my first class my lungs were on fire! The dumbbell portion of the class was typical of what I usually do for training, and I felt very confident on the floor. Once I was on the bike though, it was like I’d never done a day of cardio in my life.

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Chad Morse, owner of BeastBike, California, explains that the difference is in the resistance. The harder you go, the harder it gets, he says. The bike will answer this. You can be a beginner and it will challenge you, and we’ve had former athletes here and it kicks their ass just as much. It is such an ideal tool because no matter where you are in your fitness and conditioning level, it will push you.

The best way I can describe the difficulty of Assault Bike as I experienced it, is that it’s like riding a bike up a steep incline while also pumping your arms. (I know it’s impossible, but come with me here.) I honestly thought that because I knew about indoor cycling classes, I would be the beast the title of the workout was referring to, but the beast really was the bike ; not me. I was humiliated.

It’s like riding a bike up a steep incline while also pumping your arms.

Morse compares an assault bike to a spin bike just because there’s peddling. Otherwise, that’s where the similarities end. You’re also pushing, pedaling and pulling, so it’s really a full-body workout, he says.

I’ve heard (and probably said it myself as a coach) that workouts don’t get easier, you just get stronger. I can attest to this statement after spending a month doing my assault bike workouts. There were varying amounts of time we spent on the bike, the longest being about two minutes at a time, and the shortest being three 10-second sprints with 10 seconds of rest between each round. There hasn’t been a time when I’ve found it easy, but I feel stronger.

Morse says he named it the BeastBike because it’s a challenging workout, but also because you feel like you’ve conquered something when you’re done. It is true. I’m always tired, but I feel accomplished.

After using the assault bike regularly, I have noticed that I have better endurance when doing other activities, such as outdoor rides. Because I like being able to do the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time (I’m a busy woman, y’all), the assault bike is a great cardio option for me.

You can do a great workout in a short amount of time, says Morse. You are able to do this because it works almost every muscle in your body. You can’t say the same about rowing, spin, or running. With the pedaling, pushing and pulling, you’re using virtually every muscle and it feels like it’s draining when you get it right.

Overall when it comes to the assault bike my review is : 10/10 would recommend. While it’s extremely challenging (probably the most demanding cardio machine I’ve ever come across), it’s scalable to your fitness level. I also appreciate that it’s a low-impact option for those looking. The thing I love the most though is how accomplished I feel after using it. I have a capital P after every workout, but I also feel like I can take on the world maybe not with my physical body, but with my endorphins.

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