Bullying at 15: How Cynthia Koh went from public shaming victim to wellness healer

Cynthia Koh in her wellness studio and with Bach flower remedies

Cynthia Koh on her teenage bullying experience and how healing practices helped her (Photos: cynthiakoh27 and pure__potential/Instagram)

SINGAPORE Negative comments are perhaps a necessary evil for celebrities. From life choices to personal points of view, actors like Cynthia Koh challenge public opinion every day. How are these famous people doing?

During a phone call with Yahoo Southeast Asiathe veteran actress has opened up about her experience of being bullied in high school, how it helped her deal with public backlash, and why self-healing is important.

Publicly shamed at 15 and dealing with backlash from healing practices

Koh appeared on the cover of Teenage Magazine at the age of 15, when she entered the magazine’s beauty pageant for fun and won first place.

However, she was later shamed by the school’s public address system during recess, as students in another class commented, “Wow, that bitch thinks she’s pretty cute by appearing on the cover of Teenage Magazine? Now she’s all that ?”

Koh cried after the accident and didn’t eat at recess for many months. Even her close friends from secondary school didn’t offer any help during the difficult time.

In a recent revelation from a meditation circle session, Koh was able to draw parallels from being bullied at age 15 to her recent struggles with some friends who weren’t receptive to her healing practices.

“We will be dealing with people who are not going to see this healing journey in a positive context, they will associate healing with religion,” he explained.

“What I’m doing is helping people who want to be healthy, obviously it’s not for people who criticize that. That’s what I love to do and it’s helped me. I’m sure it will help someone out there, and I’ll keep marching to the rhythm of my own drum”.

Koh remains indifferent to the comments from netizens and negative responses from friends who don’t understand his practices. She feels sad for people who have chosen to adopt a victim mentality and points the finger at what is wrong with the work she does.

“Sometimes we may not do things that others will agree with, but you have to admit it. You have to stand your ground,” she said.

The actress aspires to be like Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow, both in the entertainment industry and actively using their influence forever.

Leading others as a channel

In her healing work with clients, Koh has emphasized the importance of intention, which she has noticed some practitioners don’t.

“I’m not here to convince people that you need a session or a healing. I always believe the universe has enough clients for everyone. If you’re doing a good job, the universe will bless you.”

Her job is to help clients bring up unconscious emotions, recognizing and guiding them in understanding their pain points and prescribing appropriate remedies. She also reiterates that the healing work she does has nothing to do with religion, but helps clients balance their nervous systems, alter their body vibrations, and get to the root cause of personal problems.

Koh recognizes the vulnerable position she holds in providing healing services and how it can potentially become a form of manipulation if not handled well.

“It can be easy to manipulate a person or a customer because they’re so desperate,” she said, but Koh’s intent is to approach her customers as a helpful guide rather than out of a need to sell.

Cynthia Koh performs tuning fork sound therapy on client (Photo: pure__potential/Instagram)

Cynthia Koh performs tuning fork sound therapy on client (Photo: pure__potential/Instagram)

Because he believes healing practices are important

Koh reflects that her personal healing journey has allowed her to have more awareness of her unconscious mind at a faster rate.

“Life is constantly giving you choices. You can be unconscious or conscious and do inner work. I choose to be conscious because I think it’s more fun,” she said.

“I’m finding out things are wrong with me, or that I can sometimes be jealous and have a good laugh about myself. The more you know about yourself, the more appreciation, awareness, validation and self-worth you can give yourself. This can help you unload your burden and feel lighter in your life journey.

He believes that the prevalence of autoimmune diseases in modern society is due to the depletion of nitric oxide in our bodies, which aids in blood circulation, rejuvenation and the evolution of our immune system.

It is also one of the few chemical compounds that help balance our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Nitric oxide is depleted with age and when encountered with stress. It is obtained with food and exercise, or produced with the use of healing practices such as tuning fork therapy. Tuning forks vibrate to break down our body cells and wake them up to produce nitric oxide.

Finally, Koh hopes that concrete buildings don’t outnumber green spaces in Singapore, which would allow her to continue her practice of going to a quiet place to relax before returning to work and life.

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