David Ohlson killed his mother Adrianna, will spend 10 years in prison

A Pensacola man who shot and killed his mother was sentenced Wednesday to just over a decade in prison.

David Allan Ohlson, 19, was initially charged with the second-degree murder of his mother, Adrianna Ohlson, after he shot her with a shotgun on April 8, 2022, in front of his father.

Despite Ohlson’s attorney telling a judge his client has a serious mental illness and needs medical attention outside of prison, Circuit Judge John Simon sentenced Ohlson to 124.5 months in the Florida Department of Corrections.

Following his conviction, Ohlson will serve two years of community probation followed by 15 years of probation, according to assistant state attorney Trey Myers.

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Image Source : www.pnj.com

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