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Legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates he made a name for himself with one of the best back muscle builds of all time. In addition to his solid build, he was renowned for his intense training methods. In a recent Instagram post, Yates showcased his insane consistency with a 40-year physical progression from age 22 to 61.

Dorian Yates first gained attention for his massive muscle size, mass, and conditioning in the 1990s. After dominating the UK regional scene, he tested himself against the most elite bodybuilders in the IFBB Pro League Mens Open division. He narrowly missed out on gold against eight-time champion Lee Haney in his Olympia debut in 1991. He came back stronger than ever the following year and won his first Sandow trophy at the 1992 Mr. Olympia .

Yates went essentially undefeated from 1992 to 1997, collecting six Mr. Olympia titles in a row. His tendency to stay out of the spotlight and let his physique do the talking on stage has earned him the nickname The Shadow. He used high intensity training, where he was close to failure in every workout.

Yates’ inaugural triumph was not simply a passing of the torch, but rather a sea change in the world of bodybuilding. He stunned fans with his unprecedentedly majestic physique. His muscularity and uncompromising training style, characterized by no-nonsense, all-out effort, stood in stark contrast to Haney’s more traditional emphasis on controlled stimulation.

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Earlier this year. Yates offered an instructional video on how two do hamstring curls correctly to build muscle in the lower body. She stressed the importance of using a full range of motion using controlled repetitions with a slow negative for optimal results.

The Shadow opened up about the training, diet and steroid cycles he used in his prime to prepare for competition two months ago. He revealed that his training didn’t differ too much in the offseason except for cardio. Since he stepped away from professional competition, Yates has given up steroids altogether and later turned to TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) to improve his health.

Last month Dorian Yates provided some valuable advice on how to optimize high intensity training. He recommended limiting your workout time to 45 minutes to ensure maximum effort and focus on providing your body with the right level of stress to get the muscle-building response.

Yates believes squats aren’t necessarily included in a workout regimen for muscle growth. Having sustained a hip injury from squats, he argued that the risk was unnecessary as the same results could be achieved by using sufficient intensity on other exercises. He underwent stem cell treatment to heal his shoulder, knee and elbow injuries nearly two months ago. The treatment appears to be working for Yates as he reported feeling less inflammation and improvement in his delts earlier this month.

Dorian Yates, 61, shows a 40-year physical progression

In a recent Instagram post, Dorian Yates showcased his consistency with an impressive 40-year physical progression from age 22 to 61.

“22 years old 61 years old!” she wrote. “Almost 40 years of difference between these photos! I’ve always had a visible set of abs, thanks in part to my genetics. Fitness has and will always be a part of my life.

While not strictly bodybuilding for the past 20 years or so, I have discovered other health and fitness practices such as yoga, cycling, pilates to name a few.

Dorian Yates provided his two-exercise ab workout routine that he used to win six Sandow trophies over two weeks ago. He incorporated the workouts after doing a heavy shoulder and tricep workout. Then, he detailed the essential chest workout that he used in his prime.

Yates’ latest offering will serve as a dose of motivation for both older and younger generations.

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