Flakowitz Jewish Deli restaurant reopens in Boynton with discounts

Boynton’s Flakowitz, an old favorite Jewish deli and bakery restaurant, has reopened with new equipment and big plans for the future.

Located just off Boynton Beach Boulevard and Hagen Ranch Road, the restaurant closed for less than a week before reopening June 24 with new flooring, booths and $350,000 in kitchen upgrades, along with a fresh coat of paint throughout. internal.

And to welcome customers back again, the sit-down and take-out restaurant is offering 20% ​​off all purchases through at least Sunday.

Co-owner Robert Pirozzi said the update was part of a larger effort to keep up with demand and continue the Flakowitz legacy. As part of this effort, Pirozzi is working to offer franchise opportunities in the near future, helping the beloved brand expand into South Florida and beyond.

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Key facts about Flakowitz and the recent restaurant renovation in Boynton Beach:

Black-and-white cookies, a staple in New York delicatessens, are a popular offering at Flakowitz.
  • A Flakowitz Bakery began in the Bronx in the early 1900s and later moved to Jericho, Long Island. Pirozzi’s father, Angelo, bought the business and ran it for more than a decade.
  • Robert Pirozzi moved to Florida and began operating a Flakowitz bakery and deli in Boca Raton. That was in 1993, and the restaurant remains a popular spot for breakfast and lunch.
  • The Pirozzi family opened their Boynton Beach location about six years later, offering sit-down meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with take-out orders from the bakery and deli. Robert’s aunt and business partner, Sandra Catusi, helps run the Boynton location, which employs about 115 people.
  • Celebrity chef Guy Fieri featured the Boynton Beach location in a 2009 episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” He visited a second time for an episode of “Triple D Nation” in 2021. Between the two visits he enjoyed Jewish Potato Knish, Potato Latkes, Matzo Ball Soup and Joe’s Sloppy Sandwich .
  • Other customer favorites include the bagels and chocolate babka, along with the pastrami and corned beef, both from New York’s Carnegie Deli.
  • The Pirozzis recently bought space next to the Boynton Beach restaurant. The unit, which currently houses a salon, will be used to ramp up production of Flakowitz’s baked goods and other offerings, especially as the franchises begin to open.
  • Robert Pirozzi said the restaurant’s new, largely automated machinery will use the same classic recipes while making it easier for Flakowitz’s staff. That includes a machine that rolls dough and another that can make 2,000 cookies an hour.

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The renovation of the popular Flakowitz restaurant on West Boynton Beach included painting and new floors and booths.

Flakowitz customers haven’t missed a beat after their recent renovations. On Tuesday around 1pm, two queues formed inside the restaurant: one for the dining room and another for the delicatessen and bakery.

Strangers chatted about their favorite orders, and take-out customers stepped forward one by one, raising a numbered ticket above their head when summoned.

“We thank them for their continued patronage for more than 20 years,” said Robert Pirozzi. “Is fantastic.”

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Customers quickly returned to Boynton's Flakowitz after the restaurant briefly closed for renovations.

Where:7410 Boynton Beach Boulevard, Boynton Beach; 561-742-4144


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