For centuries, midwives and doulas in New Mexico have delivered babies safely into the world. Will they ever be accepted?

Editor’s note: Searchlight New Mexico is a non-profit, non-partisan media organization that seeks to empower New Mexicans to demand honest and effective public policy.

In New Mexico, midwives have been part of the maternal health landscape since before the state, rooted in Indigenous and Hispanic traditions and the work of curandera parteras traditional Hispanic midwives. For centuries, these healers and midwives have been the primary purveyors of maternity. More than 800 parteras practiced throughout the state in the early 20th century.

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Curanderas-Parteras (traditional healers/midwives) in New Mexico in the early 1900s.

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From left: Jeanne Stagner and doula Melissa Lopez examine a child at Organ Mountains Family and Women’s Health, while parents, Taylor and Vincent Ferry, look on. Lopez trained with Stagner to become a midwife.

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Anthony Martinez, left, and Natalia Baca with their baby, at Organ Mountains Family and Women’s Health, in Las Cruces.

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Licensed midwife Nandi Hill at Wadada Midwifery Care, a practice she opened in Albuquerque.

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kAm@F=2D[ D96 D2JD[ 2C6 >2<:?8 DFC6 E92E 72>:=:6D C646:G6 HC2A2C@F?5 42C6 2?5 E92E E96J E96>D6=G6D 2D 5@F=2D 2C6 AC@G:5:?8 E92E HC2A2C@F?5 42C6 E@ 6249 @E96C]k^Em

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Meria Loeks, founder and director of the Santa Fe Birth Center.

kAm|6C:2 {@66[ D@>6E9:?8 D96 H2?E65 @E96C H@>6? E@ 36 23=6 E@ 6IA6C:6?46] X? a_`h D96 @A6?65 E96 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]D2?E2763:CE946?E6C]4@>Q E2C86ElQ03=2?6 3:CE9D[ AC6?2E2= 2?5 A@DE?2E2= 42C6] {6DD E92? aT @7 3:CE9D šŸ˜• }6H |6I:4@ 2C6 9@>6 3:CE9D 6249 J62C[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]454]8@SOL^?49D^52E2^?GDC^?GDCf_^}’$#f_\`d]A57Q E2C86ElQ03=2?

kAmxED 2 ;@JE@ 36 AC68?2?E[ ?@E 2 DE2E6 @7 D:4<?6DD[ $E6A92?:6 (:==:2>D D2JD] %96 >@C6 >65:42= 5@4E@CD 2C6 6IA@D65 E@ H92E BF2=:7:65 >:5H:G6D 3C:?8 E@ E96 E23=6[ E96 76H6C 72=D6 2DDF>AE:@?D 2?5 >:DF?56CDE2?5:?8D E96J== 92G6[ D96 255D] $96D 5@?6 2 =@E @7 C6A2:CH@C< @G6C E96 J62CD[ D6A2C2E:?8 >JE9 7C@> C62=:EJ 7@C A65:2EC:4:2?D 2?5 ~q\v*} 5@4E@CD 6IA=2:?:?8 E@ E96> H92E H6C6 24EF2==J EC2:?65 :? 2?5 H92E H6 5@]k^Em


Licensed midwife Stephanie Williams at the Santa Fe Birth Center, where she is the clinical director.


Sunday Law, a Truchas licensed midwife, at the Santa Fe Birth Center.

kAm|2C: v@?K=6K 92D 925 E9C66 9:89\C:D< AC68?2?4:6D :? E96 A2DE EH@ 564256Dj @?6 @7 96C 52F89E6CD H2D 3@C? AC6>2EFC6=J 2E ah H66[ D96 4@F=5?E F?56CDE2?5 H9J E96 AC@3=6>D <6AE 92AA6?:?8[ D96 D2JD]k^Em

kAmtG6CJ E:>6 D96 H6?EE@ AC6?2E2= 2AA@:?E>6?ED[ E96 AC@G:56C H2D 5:776C6?E] %96 AC@46DD 76=E CFD965 2?5 D96 2=H2JD =67E 766=:?8 4@?7FD65]*@F DA6?E >@C6 E:>6 H2:E:?8 7@C E96 2AA@:?E>6?E E92? H:E9 E96 5@4E@C[ D96 D2JD šŸ˜• $A2?:D9] $96 564:565 Mi@ =@@< 7@C 2 AC@G:56C E9@ 4@F=5 Mi2:=@C 42C6 Mi@ 96C ?665D]k^Am


Licensed midwife Stephanie Williams at the Santa Fe Birth Center, where she is the clinical director.

kAmsFC:?8 96C E9:C5 AC68?2?4J[ šŸ˜• a_a`[ D96 7:?2==J 4@??64E65 E96 5@EDi $96 7@F?5 $E28?6C[ H9@ 5:D4@G6C65 E9C@F89 3=@@5 E6DED E92E v@?K=6K 925 F?EC62E65 2?6>:2 2?5 86DE2E:@?2= 5:236E6D 9:89\C:D< 4@?5:E:@?D 7@C AC68?2?4J] (:E9 $E28?6CD 8FA:52?46[ D96 2?5 E96 6?E:C6 72>:=J =62C?65 E@ 62E 962=E9:6C 7@@5]k^Em

kAmx? |2G[ D96 82G6 3:CE9 E@ 96C 7@FCE9 49:=5[ H9@ H2D 3@C? 962=E9J] $96 RE2JD MI@DO<:?8 MI:MI9 $MI28?6C 92D 5@?6 MI@?56CD]|:5MI:SOL6RE AC@SOL:56 4CF4:2= :?7@DO>2E:@? 2?5 8:G6 J@F 4@?EC@= @G6C J@FC 3@5J[ D96 D2JD] t>@E:@?2==JJ@F 2C6 >@C6 42=> 3642FD6 J@F 6@?6 H9@

k2D:56 4=2DDlQE?4>RE\:?=:?6\DO6=4@?E6?EE?4>RE\:?=:?6\DO6=4@?E6?E\9:89 =:89EDQmk9cmt5:E@CVD }@E6k^9cmkAmkDA2?m$62C49=:89E }6H |6I:4@ šŸ˜€ 2 ?@?AC@7:E[ ?@?A2CE:D2? >65:2 @C82?:K2E:@? E92E D66<D E@ 6>A@H6C }6H |6I:42?D E@ 56>2?5 9@?6DE 2?5 67764E:G6 AF3=:4 A@=:4J]k^DA2?mk^Amk^2D:56m

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