Forget Crunches: This Standing Ab Exercise Sculpts Your Core With Just 4 Movements

While sit-ups, planks, and crunches all have a place in the best abs routine, if you always do your abs workouts lying down on a mat, you’re missing out on some of the functional benefits of a standing abs workout. Not only are standing ab workouts great when there’s no floor space in the gym, but they build the strength of the hip flexor and pelvic floor muscles, as well as work the deep transverse abdominis.

If you’re looking for a quick abs workout to hit your core or to use as a finisher for your next bodyweight workout, we’ve found it. The workout, created by certified personal trainer, Caroline Idiens, can be done with or without one of the best adjustable dumbbells. If you’re new to ab workouts or returning to exercise after an injury, it’s best to opt for the bodyweight variety, but if you’re looking to up the intensity, grab a dumbbell and give it a try.

What’s the workout?

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