How Scottsdale’s Cornerstone Healing Center Helps People Stay Sober

Cornerstone Healing Center founder Estil Wallace (left) and Chief Operations Officer Marcus Clark (right) created the Scottsdale drug rehabilitation center program based on what worked to get them sober.  Here, they pose with Sead Hasic (center), director of clinical operations at Cornerstone.

Getting sober during treatment is one thing. Living sober in the world is another.

This is the reality Cornerstone Healing Center chief operations officer Marcus Clark was well aware of when he helped his friend and sponsor Estil Wallace open the Scottsdale drug rehabilitation center in 2017.

After years of abusing everything, Clark got sober upon his first check into rehab at age 25. Clark, who has been sober for 12 years, said the journey to sobriety after the first serious attempt is actually more common than most of him think.

For Wallace, the alternative experience of going in and out of treatment and trying many avenues before finding relief from a meth addiction 18 years ago and maintaining his sobriety ever since is the path many think of when they hear of an addict who find a way to live clean.

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