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In Aliens: Dark Descent Stress is a key factor in your team’s survival. As the Marines’ stress level increases, they will suffer negative effects that will affect their performance. If they take in too much, they will develop debilitating psychiatric conditions who can only be treated at the Psychiatric Treatment Unit in the Medbay. This can knock them out for days at a time, so it’s best to manage stress quickly or avoid letting it build up in the first place.

This guide covers the following topics related to Stress in Aliens: Dark Descent:


How stress works

To prevent stress, it’s important to learn how it works Aliens: Dark Descent. Otherwise, she can quickly move away from you. Here are some things to keep in mind when managing your Marines’ Stress levels:

  • Stress builds as the marines encounter problems. Stress increases when marines fight enemies, when they are hunted, and especially when they take damage.
  • Courage relieves stress. Whenever a Marine experiences stress, the amount of stress he receives is reduced by a percentage based on his bravery. Courage can be increased by certain upgrades and attributes.
  • There are four levels of stress. As the marines’ stress level increases, it goes from 0% to 100% before progressing to a new level. There are four levels: Relaxed (white), Anxious (yellow), Panicked (orange), and Terrified (red).
  • Stress causes trauma. At the end of a mission, Marines suffer Trauma points based on the highest level of Stress they endured during the mission. For every three Trauma points they have, they will develop a psychiatric disorder.


Effects of stress

Every time a Marine’s stress level goes up one notch, they will suffer from a random Stress effect. These effects add up. If the marines’ stress drops to a lower level, the effect will decrease. Here are all the horrific effects of stress that Marines can suffer from:

How to reduce stress

To reduce stress, Marines need to rest between battles. If not, they can swallow a handful of pills that will calm their nerves. There are also a couple of ways to ensure that stress builds more slowly. You’ll need all of these tactics to manage their stress and keep your marines in top condition.



You can order your Marines to rest by taking them to a Refuge. Shelters are rooms marked with a greenhouse icon on the Automap. There, your team can weld doors and take a break. This will be reduce their stress level by 100%bringing you back into the new lower stress level.

Some rooms require only one door to be welded, while others require up to four. Keep some tools with you when possible to ensure you can always rest when needed.


Naproleva it’s represented by a bottle of pills in the action menu you get when interacting with a Marine. It lowers their stress level by 100%, bringing it back to the new lowest stress level just like with rest. Unlike rest, Naproleve can be taken anywhere. It only costs one of yours Medical supplies.


Morphine is a skill available to Marines with the Medic class. As long as the Medic is aliveMarines reduce their stress by 30% each time they are healed Medical supplies.

Courage and punishment


Courage it is a stat that all of your Marines have. It reduces the stress received by marines when they encounter a stressful situation. The higher the stat, the more stress is mitigated. Courage can be increased by five points for each level of the Bold Attribute they assume. The Sergeant class also has a class attribute that increases the value of the entire squad by 10 points.

Retribution reduces the stress Marines experience by 30%. as long as it is active. Note that Retribution becomes usable when the meter is at 30%; you don’t have to wait for it to fill up to use it. If your Marines find themselves in a stressful situation with no hope of rest (which happens often), activate Retribution to mitigate some of the stress they will have to endure.

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