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Of Australia Lee Priest has turned into an expert bodybuilding source since the days of competitions. In a recent YouTube video by RxMuscle, Priest urged removing unnecessary splits in bodybuilding and picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to defeat Chris Bumstead in a fantasy match.

Lee Priest made a name for himself with impressive muscle mass, size and conditioning in the Mens Open division in the 1990s. He has competed in six Mr. Olympia events and pitted against the likes of six-time champion Dorian Yates and eight-time winner Ronnie Coleman. In addition to his insane arms, Priest has been celebrated for his longevity having spent over 15 years competing in the IFBB Pro League. He went on the sidelines after winning the 2013 NABBA Mr. Universe in his final performance.

Earlier this year, Priest called for the removal of the Mens 212 division and the reallocation of prize money into the Open category. He argued that worthy 212 competitors would be able to hold their own at the Open, as demonstrated by two-time Olympia 212 winner Shaun Clarida and former Olympia 212 champions Kamal Elgargni and Derek Lunsford.

The priest maintains a healthy lifestyle and trains daily after his retirement. Following the Masters Olympia return after more than a decade, there was speculation as to whether Priest would return to the event. However, he dismissed the possibility due to his chest atrophy.

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The 50-year-old gave fans some of his best tips on maximizing preacher curls to build bigger biceps and get a strong pump three months ago. He detailed the different equipment and variations to use along with the ideal rep range.

Lee Priest criticized the 2023 Masters Olympia eligibility criteria two months ago. He suggested raising the age limit to 50+ instead of the current 40+ and also adding the condition of not competing for at least two or three years.

Priest called for a friendly showdown with bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler after the 2023 Masters Olympia last month. He suggested hosting a Golden Era seminar and facing the four-time Mr. Olympia in a guest appearance for fans.

Lee Priest urges to remove “unnecessary” divisions.

In a recent YouTube video, Lee Priest called for eliminating several bodybuilding divisions. He believes in only keeping the Open and Fitness categories and none of the others.

As I sit here reflecting on the sport of bodybuilding and watching these Pro shows, these people standing on stage like potted plants, they don’t know their names,” Priest said. everyone’s name. Every Pro show used to be high quality guys minus Mr. Olympia. Now everyone gets a *** trophy. Bodybuilding, that’s the way it should be. Only open bodybuilding, open to women and fitness. Physique, Bikini, Welfare, you go to your model girl contests at the Hawaiian Tropics because you’re fucking worthless But if we don’t have these classes, where do they compete?

“In the amateurs, you stay there with your weight classes because you’re not good enough to be a pro. That’s why you can’t make it anywhere because even as a pro you suck. Go back to being an amateur. 212 out the window. If you’re not good enough to be a good bodybuilder, you can’t do it. That’s just life, folks. This is reality. Life is hard. You suck. You shouldn’t be a professional.

Priest championed Nick Walker and Chris Bumstead as the most marketable bodybuilders

Lee Priest has extended his endorsement to Nick Walker and Chris Bumstead as the most marketable bodybuilders in the sport.

In bodybuilding, I should probably work around Nick Walker. In sports, you would probably go with Chris Bumstead because of the following. It’s marketable for both bodybuilders and guys who don’t want to get that big because they can’t because they suck.

“What I’m saying is Bumstead is marketable, but then if we just go bodybuilding, probably Nick because he’s young, marketable, good looking and stuff like that.

He backed Samson Dauda as his favorite to win the 2023 Mr. Olympia.

Samson. I think he’s got a nice combination of size and shape and he’s getting that bizarre look. It has a good balance overall, so I’m going to Samson.

Four-time reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead ruffled some feathers when he declared he would defeat legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger in a hypothetical bout three months ago. Former Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout rejected Bumstead’s claim a week later.

Priest chooses Arnold Schwarzenegger over Bumstead

Priest shared his thoughts on a fantasy showdown between Schwarzenegger and Bumstead, picking the seven-time Mr. Olympia as the winner.

Arnold wins. Chris is good, but Arnold seemed to flow better. Chris has a great chest, nothing against Arnold’s chest and yes he didn’t have the best legs but they worked for him and in 74 he was looking good. His arms, twisting strokes, it would be close but I’d still give it to Arnold.

Lee Priest floated the idea of ​​facing Kai Greene in an Olympia-style superhero showdown three weeks ago. He suggested wearing superhero suits and performing skits with The Predator on stage at a bodybuilding show.

Priest opened up about his diet philosophy while preparing for competition weeks ago. He revealed that he would start dieting at least 16 weeks before an event and be back in top form four weeks after a race.

Priest’s latest take on the removal of some bodybuilding divisions may not be well received by competitors, but some believe it would shine a brighter light on Open talent.

You can watch the full video below.

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