New insurer joining state Medicaid program gives Iowans more options

Beginning Saturday, Iowa’s new Medicaid insurer Molina Healthcare will administer benefits to 205,181 Iowans under Medicaid and Hawki as the insurer officially joins the state program.

July 1 marks the start date for two managed care agreements with Iowa Medicaid, a joint state and federal program that funds approximately $7 billion annually in health care for more than 750,000 Iowa citizens who are poor or disabled.

The state also awarded another four-year contract to Medicaid insurer Amerigroup Iowa, which will oversee benefits for 277,161 Iowans starting later this week, according to data provided by the state Wednesday.

Iowa Total Care has a managed care agreement with Iowa that runs through 2025. The insurer will administer benefits to 269,692 members.

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