No company willing to sign up: NFL Players Association president reveals two big reasons life insurance isn’t happening

In a recent statement, NFL Players Association president JC Tretter shed light on the vexing issue of lifetime health insurance for players. Tretter revealed two major hurdles that have hindered the implementation of this much-discussed benefit. Addressing the concerns of both players and fans, Tretter highlighted the need for a solution to ensure players’ post-career well-being.

Lifetime health insurance has been a long-standing goal for players, but the financial implications and lack of willing companies have stalled progress. Tretter’s comments underscore the need for further negotiations and a comprehensive approach to address the high costs.

JC Tretter reveals why NFL players can’t get life insurance


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JC Tretter, the president of the NFLPA, addressed the issue by pointing out the reluctance of the companies. Furthermore, he highlighted the rising prices of health care and the high costs involved. On the popular McAfee show, McAfee asked Tretter about the growing concern about health insurance among NFL players.

Following this shared tretter, The problem we’ve had is that no company is willing to sign up for lifetime healthcare where they guarantee it for life they guarantee it for I’ll try it but we have the right to stop it but it’s not really healthcare for life.

Addressing companies’ reluctance to enroll in healthcare for life, Tretter drops another truth bomb by saying: The cost uh We looked at the cost and um it’s very high as you would expect and the rising cost of health care uh will continue to go up and making sure we have money and the benefits of our plate we get 48,234 of all revenue and that’s where we pay for everything what goes to the players, so if healthcare costs a huge chunk of that, then we either cut the salary cap to pay for it um because if we don’t have enough in our benefit pool to pay for lifelong healthcare as well at this point.

Demand to offer NFL players a lifetime health plan is on the rise. However, the recent insurance plan also has some promising benefits for NFL players.


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Health insurance plan for NFL players

The current health insurance plan for NFL players begins on the day of their first regular or postseason game, and for rookies, coverage begins the day they report to preseason training camp. However, the current plan aims to provide coverage for medical, dental and vision needs. Negotiated between the NFLPA and the NFL as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the plan ensures players have access to necessary medical care throughout their careers. However, challenges persist within the system.

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The health insurance plan generally covers players during their years of active play and for a limited time after retirement. Once coverage ends, players may have to look into alternative insurance options, which is an expensive process. However, as a result of the growing concern, the NFL may consider revising the current player insurance plan. In the meantime, share your thoughts on the challenges of reviewing your gamers insurance plan.


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