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Veteran of bodybuilding Rich Gaspari he’s a strong advocate of using intensity to improve his package at the gym. Though he transitioned from professional racing years ago, his decades of experience have transformed him into a revered figure in the community. In recent posts shared on Instagram, Gaspari shared an abs exercise to build strength and offered advice on how to increase the intensity of your hypertrophy workout.

Rich Gaspari first garnered attention for his insane muscle mass, definition, and rock-solid conditioning in the mid-80s. He is widely regarded as the first Mens Open competitor to display striated glutes. Although he did not win Mr. Olympia, Gaspari was a perennial contender who contested seven Mr. Olympia contests and won three silvers from eight-time champion Lee Haney. He also made history by becoming the inaugural Arnold Classic champion. After a brilliant career, he was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004.

Gaspari spoke about the cost of bringing dry conditioning to the stage earlier this year. He revealed that he never took harsh diuretics and achieved the conditioned grainy look with consistent training and also accredited genetics. Given the focus on being dry in contemporary competition, Gaspari criticized coaches for risking their athletes’ lives on diuretics.

Three months ago, Gaspari fired a shot at Womens Bikini and Wellness athletes for rampant use of PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) in competition. She believes coaches push athletes to use large amounts of equipment when it’s not needed, making it difficult even to compete at regional shows.

Rich Gaspari
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Gaspari continued to train regularly after retirement and often educated his audiences on fitness-related topics. He detailed the antiaging peptide stack he’s been using to improve his quality of life months ago.

The 60-year-old blasted modern bodybuilders for not paying much attention to calf muscle development three months ago. He offered the donkey calf raise as an effective exercise for improving muscle growth and definition in the group. Then, he provided some of his best tips for growing legs and techniques to increase the intensity during the day of the legs.

Rich Gaspari shares ab exercises to build strength

In a recent Instagram post, Rich Gaspari shared leg raises, crunches, and twisting crunches as effective ab exercises for building strength.

Abs training strengthens your core which can help you train other parts of your body, wrote Gaspari. Leg raises are great for working out your lower abs. I also do abdominal crunches to work the abs in general along with twisting crunches to work the intercostals. Rep range on abs for 15-50. Do sit-ups at least 2-3 times a week.

Rich Gaspari is not a fan of the modern Mens Open division. He expressed his disapproval of the category’s evolution, claiming a loss in the creative element three months ago. He feels bodybuilding is an art form instead of a sport and has praised the Classic Physique division for keeping the art alive.

Gaspari issued a cautionary message against trenbolone use two months ago. While he admitted that the steroid could lead to impressive gains, he highlighted the negative effects it can cause on the liver and cardiovascular system.

Gasparis suggests increasing the intensity of your hypertrophy training

Gaspari shared tips on how to get into the right mindset for intensity training and further power it up for hypertrophy.

I still train with full intensity, I train a muscle to failure. I don’t have my phone with me I’m constantly texting or reading emails or watching YouTube or doing whatever, she said. I go to the gym to train a certain body part that I am training. What I see right now is that I see too many distracted people. And they are not making profits. You really have to train with intensity.

“When I went to the gym to train for competition, I went to the gym with the mindset that I was going to fight, to war, to train a body part to total annihilation or total failure. If I didn’t do a certain weight or a personal max in reps, drop sets, giant sets, if I didn’t finish it, I figured my whole family would be killed and they would kill me. It’s really extreme, but when you have that kind of mindset that hits the gym for total annihilation, you’ll train a muscle a lot harder than you’ve ever trained before. This is what it will take to grow hypertrophy and muscle.

Rich Gaspari presented a modified version of sumo squats for building lower body strength two months ago. He recommended using a platform to lift your feet for more range of motion to target your glutes.

Gaspari extended his support to four-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead for his dominating reign last month. He argued for Bumstead to be competitive in the Open class if he had amassed about 40 pounds of muscle mass.

His latest offerings are sure to help many fans take their fitness game to the next level with a strong core and intense mindset.

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