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Joel Navarro

Joel Navarro Flash Gordonn By Joel Navarro, Tempe Board Member | Guest commentary As a third-generation Arizonan who has served on the Tempe City Council since 2008, I have always kept a close eye on policies being considered in Washington that may have unintended consequences for our local communities. Proposals that would take away pharmacy … Read more

“I am a doctor and these are the daily vitamins I recommend for women”

Dr. Michelle Thompson

There are many factors involved in eating a healthy and complete diet, including vitamin intake. Our bodies rely on an array of vitamins and nutrients for everything from boosting the immune system to bone health. But it’s hard to know which ones you need. In fact, many patients ask me, “What vitamins should women take … Read more

A daily multivitamin can help your memory, but only if you’re in this age group

Examples of the memory tests conducted during the clinical trial.

Research checks query newly published studies and how they are reported in the media. The analysis is undertaken by one or more academics not involved in the study and reviewed by another to ensure it is accurate. Don’t we all want to do what we can to reduce the impact of age-related decline on our … Read more