7 strength exercises for women to melt belly fat after 30

woman doing squats, strength exercises concept for women to get fit and lean

It’s time to address a nagging problem that many women encounter after they hit their 30s: hanging belly fat. This stubborn extra padding around your midsection can greatly affect your confidence and self-image, keeping you from feeling your absolute best. Fortunately, we spoke with Rose McNulty, CPTNASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with Garage Gym … Read more

What to eat (and drink) when you’re ready to gobble up after a fast

Hard-boiled eggs

Emmanuel Afolabi/Shutterstock Fasting has been a common practice for thousands of years in many cultures. Over the past decade, knowledge about how to break fast intermittent fasting has become more widely known and used. Some people practice time-restricted eating. This involves limiting how many hours a day you can eat. For example, 18/6 intermittent fasting … Read more

PUBLIC HEALTH: National health insurance is a big fat expert on empty promises


The National Health Insurance (NHI) Act has been passed by the National Assembly, but experts believe it is largely unenforceable and unlikely to come into effect anytime soon. Alex van der Heever, chair of the administration of social security systems at the University of the Witwatersrand, says: From the outset, the bill was so flawed … Read more

7 most effective strength exercises to prevent belly fat

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If there’s one common enemy that most of us have battled in life, it’s stubborn belly fat. You know, that frustrating extra padding around your midsection that looks determined to stick around no matter what. Luckily, we consulted a personal trainer and strength training expert to compile a powerful arsenal of strength exercises to help … Read more