Eat these foods when you’re sick, according to one nutritionist

Eat these foods when you're sick, according to one nutritionist

Every summer, come Colorado rain or shine, our whole family gets sick. It’s like back-to-school season plays a preemptive joke, reminding us to nurture a healthy immune system year-round. Universe, I see you. But when sickness strikes during the warmer months, what are the best foods to eat when sick? Spoiler alert: A few scoops … Read more

A forager and a nutritionist team up to reveal natural medicine in their own garden

Photos of dandelions

Foraging is the process of identifying and gathering wild plants, berries, nuts, roots and seeds to eat and use as health remedies. While humans had been foraging for millennia until supermarkets and health clinics sprung up, this ancient practice is now a popular way to eat smarter and improve your health. Once you learn which … Read more