California promises better care for thousands of inmates as they leave prison

Kaiser health news

California has agreed to improve health care for newly released disabled inmates, including through a series of measures that advocates say will help nearly anyone trying to transition from incarceration. Lawyers representing inmates say adequate assistance during the transition from prison has long been lacking and can lead to homelessness. A recent study found that … Read more

PUBLIC HEALTH: National health insurance is a big fat expert on empty promises


The National Health Insurance (NHI) Act has been passed by the National Assembly, but experts believe it is largely unenforceable and unlikely to come into effect anytime soon. Alex van der Heever, chair of the administration of social security systems at the University of the Witwatersrand, says: From the outset, the bill was so flawed … Read more

Newsom’s sweeping health care promises to Californians remain elusive

In summary Five years ago, Gavin Newsom pledged to support a single-payer healthcare system, but has since backed down. The universal coverage he now advocates has also become an elusive target. Five years ago, while running for governor, Gavin Newsom pledged to transform California’s medical care into a single-payer system similar to those in Canada … Read more