This 3-move back and bicep workout strengthens your upper body in just 9 minutes

If you’re looking for a new back and biceps workout to add to your upper body exercise routine, these three moves are a must-try.

There’s no shortage of muscle torch exercises that target your back and biceps, but these three could help you build muscle and strength without spending hours at the gym. If the bro split is your preferred training method—by which we mean splitting chest and triceps, leg day and back and biceps—then this is a tick for the latter combination.

Back and bicep combinations are common because the pulling motion targets both of these major muscle groups. Likewise, pushing activates the chest and triceps, so many people also pair push and pull for a full upper body session. Grab a pair of the best adjustable dumbbells and let’s get to work.

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Today, it’s all about pulling using three compound exercises that work the biceps and various back muscles together rather than one muscle in isolation—you can learn more about isolation versus compound exercises here. You can target more muscles in less time and not fatigue your biceps too early to assist you in heavier lifts to target your biggest, most powerful back muscles.

9 minute workout, 3 back and biceps moves

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