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Rose Wetzel is a woman of many titles and one who wears many hats. Each title held required dedication, tenacity, determination and passion. Mother, Competitive Runner, Ninja Warrior Finalist, Precision Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Pro-Spartan Steeplechase Runner to name a few.

Wetzels’ achievements speak for themselves, finishing in the top 10 in three world championship races in 2022: Spartan, Spartan Trifecta and OCRWC 3k.

He also achieved all of these athletic achievements after the age of 40. Wetzel shares how exercise has helped her overcome life’s obstacles and how you can be the best version of yourself, no matter what season you’re training in or what goal you’re pursuing.

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Rosa Wetz

The training of an athlete

As the youngest girl in a family of nine, I ran everywhere to keep up, Wetzel says. In middle school, she found herself beating all the boys in foot races during recess, and after a few years playing soccer and basketball, she then focused on track and field in high school; her by winning a pair of 800m state championships and an athletic scholarship to Georgetown.

After college, Wetzel worked as a personal trainer while training hard to compete in the US Olympic Trials, only to fail at the first attempt. Wetzels’ friend suggested she try something new for a fun break when she, in turn, opened up about her athletic profile more than initially anticipated.

My first steeplechase humiliated me to the core and left me exhausted from head to toe after running like crazy through the woods, flipping tires and scrambling over ropes, says Wetzel. I loved it and have been racing professionally ever since, including four seasons of the addictive and tremendously entertaining hit show, American Ninja Warrior.

With all of these achievements have come a few different kinds of hurdles. While unexpected, these obstacles showed Wetzel how important exercise is when life gets tough.

Overcome obstacles with exercise

About seven years ago, Wetzels’ husband Tim was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, he is healthy today. But during those tougher times, Wetzel was able to channel her stressful and scary situation into her workouts. The physical and emotional obstacles we faced during that time made me extremely grateful for the exercise-induced endorphins I received from my daily workout, she says.

After Tim’s cancer diagnosis came another major hurdle, postpartum depression after giving birth. PPD is far from a walk in the park, so Wetzel instead chose running as a means of coping. Running provided great therapy, as well as a solid HIIT workout. he says, showing how important exercise is to not only the physical body but also mental and emotional health.

Rose Wetzel’s tips for improving your workout routine

Wetzel shared his top tips with the Muscle and fitnesss readers who have helped her prioritize health and fitness along the way.

  1. You prioritize things differently depending on the seasons of the year and your life. You can do it all but not at the same time. Let some things go temporarily to address the thing that’s most important at any given moment, especially if it’s a habit or way of spending time that serves as a building block toward other goals.
  2. Hire help for anything you can budget for. This is something Wetzel wishes he had done earlier as a little outsourcing of time consuming jobs can go a long way towards achieving long term goals.
  3. Talk to your kids about your goals. Create a kid-friendly mini workout that you can do once a week so kids can get involved. From a kid on his back doing pushups to a teen doing a dance warmup or core workout, this gives kids a chance to feel like they’re helping you with your fitness goal.

Keeping fit over 40

Nutrition and self-care become increasingly important as we age. Wetzel says. Not surprisingly, recovering and maintaining lean muscle becomes more challenging, so Wetzel recommends leaning on protein and vegetables, as well as getting adequate water and sleep. Also, lifting heavy loads and doing high intensity workouts will help build/preserve valuable muscle. He adds. A balanced life of exercise, rest, and nutrition is the answer to aging gracefully and healthily.

Rose Wetzel Go-To Supp

To support her active lifestyle filled with training, running, work and parenting, Wetzel has been taking MitoQ every morning for four years. As we all know, cell health declines with age, and fortunately, MitoQ scientists have invented a mitochondria-targeting antioxidant that can enter cells and reduce cellular stress, so our cells can thrive, she explains. . And when our cells thrive, so do we. “Taking MitoQ gives me confidence to stand on the starting line with people in my 20s and keep up with me,” she says, emphasizing a regular exercise routine, clean eating, and the right supplements. “I’m the only 40-year-old ( and only mum) ranked top 10 in the world in my sport!

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Rosa Wetz

Spartan training Rose Wetzel

Although the American Ninja Warrior finalist prefers strength training and cardio separately, this combo workout offers a stellar physical and mental challenge, perfect for building mental and physical toughness.


After your warm up, run one lap/400m around a track, then do an exercise from the list below for 30 seconds before resting for 30 seconds (repeat for 8-10 laps/exercises):

A. Burpees

b. You lunge

c. Crawling bear

d. Jump squats

AND. Lift

f. Speed ​​skaters

TIP: For a bigger challenge, reduce the rest time to 15 seconds

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