Works of Fire: America’s Best Cannabis for July 4, 2023

Pack the Yeti Daytrip with some fresh flowers, pre-rolls and hash – the long summer weekends are here.

Fireworks this 4th of July commemorate hard-won freedoms old and new. Maryland has just started selling cannabis for adults. Minnesota would soon follow making it 23 legalization states and more than 40 medical states. Dispensaries are opening in Alabama this year. You can buy hemp seeds from Cookies in head shops in all 50 states.

It’s okay to take breaks from working on a more perfect union and celebrate the achievements of our Republic. Our golden age of ganja rolls into this Independence Day with these two dozen strains, carts, edibles and super spicy touches from sea to shining sea.


Glitter bomb

Compound genetics

Glitter bomb of compound genetics.  Indica hybrid.  (David Downs/Frondoglia)
Glitter bomb of compound genetics. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Frondoglia)

More people can grow more weed in more places than ever before in modern America this 4th of July. Then plant one kilo of Compound Genetics’ easy-to-grow, award-winning Glitter Bomb. The cultivar just won a California State Fair Cannabis Award for some of the stoniest weeds in the Golden State, taking silver in the THCa category. Total cannabinoids: 41.77%. Shesh. Glitter Bomb comes from a cross crop of Grape Gas that includes Purple Milk (below) and GastroPop. Smoke the Glitter Bomb flower for grape-berry-candy-gas terpenes and a sedative hybrid effect that pairs perfectly with the vibe. See also: CAM permanent marker; Ridgeline LANTZ

Strawberry Zkittlez live resin diamonds

Fire arch

Winner of five Emerald Cups in May, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd in rosin carts Arcata Fire of Humboldt County, there is no shortage, both in the solventless and live resin categories. Locally owned and vertically managed, the Arcata, CA company works with small elite sun farms, using hand-picked fresh frozen flowers in validated strains that are terpy AF. There are no botanical or natural flavors here from sources other than cannabis. This is dope because we’ve legalized the inhalation of weed, not untested chemicals. On shelves this July at Arcata Fire is a First Class Funk solvent-free cart from Humboldt 36 Farms, Strawberry Zkittlez live resin diamonds, and Blue Dream live resin diamonds from Organic Medicinals in Humboldt County.


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Gary-Z infused pre-rolls


(David Downs/Frondoglia)
Mini Brews by Gary-Z. (David Downs/Frondoglia)

Ready-to-smoke joints aka pre-rolls really shine all summer long. They travel well, everyone knows how to light them and they can light up the whole party. The problem is that many taste like hay. A fresh wave of infused pre-rolls fortifies that poor ground flower with terpenes and hash potency. The most exemplary dogwalkers of the Fiore Gary-Z brand dominate the pack. Gary-Z is a hype crossing of the all-star Gary Payton x Sherb x Z variety with that sweet caramelized gas for the win. The jar full of juicy joints is ready to be your street dog.

See also: Sluggers-infused pre-rolls; Blunts infused with paletas

(David Downs/Frondoglia)
Hemp enveloping blunts with paletas infusion. (David Downs/Frondoglia)


America’s fiery cannabis strains of summer 2023

Purple Milk

Cannabis sensation

Purple Milk (Sense of Courtesy)
Purple Milk (Sense of Courtesy)

What happens when you mix red, white and blue? You turn purple! Part of the Compound Genetics Grape Gas Collection, this is the Purple Milk they don’t tell you about in the movies. Perfectly bred by Sense Cannabis of San Francisco, Purple Milk takes Horchata and adds the sweetish side of Grape Gass flavor along with that plum undertone to the plant. Off the stem, these buds deliver near-saturated hues with neon green, orange, and sangria. These are heavier than a mortar bomb and the high-octane smell will make your ears ring like a Little Pete. The gassy, ​​grassy, ​​spicy grape flavor perks you up so you don’t miss any of the fireworks. Matthew Jackson

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Banana cream for jealousy

Flight path

Flight Path Banana Custard Jealousy.  (Courtesy of Flight Path)
Flight Path Banana Custard Jealousy. Made with the Leafy variety of the year 2022Gelosia. (Courtesy of Flight Path)

If you want some fire for the 4, Flight Paths Banana Cream x Jealousy delivers quality. The genetics were originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics and produce a relaxed type of high that leaves most users happy and carefree. Grown here by Flight Path, her flavor profile is a mix of fruity, nutty and gassy notes (the jealousy really shines in this one). The high is definitely potent, so save it for later in the day so you can truly unwind and enjoy a guilt-free experience. Banana Cream x Jealousy is perfect for hanging out with friends and watching some fireworks. Dante Giordano

Cucumber and mango serrano gummy candies

Real deal resin

Real Cucumber Serrano Mango Gummies in resin.  (David Downs/Frondoglia)
Real Cucumber Serrano Mango Gummies in resin. (David Downs/Frondoglia)

Gummies are by far the most popular edible weed out there. Fresh on the gummy aisle in California dispensaries, Real Deal Resins Cucumber Serrano Mango. These gummies smell and look appetizing and crush as soon as you bite into them. Inspired by the fresh fruit carts of Mexico and California, you get authentic cucumber-mango flavor with a little heat. That’s fire. Each candy contains 10mg THC of Live Lemonhead Z hash rosin from a single strain. The effect is more nuanced, deeper and less cloudy than a generic tasting THC distilled oil base. Eat only one gummy and wait at least 120 minutes before inserting another. David Down

New York

Blue sorbet

Fat Nell for New York

As much as I love trying the latest genetic innovation in cannabis, sometimes I long for simpler times. Blue Sherbert (Blue Cookies x Sherbet) may seem old-fashioned, but the right coats make all the difference. Female owned and operated agribusiness Fat Nell shocked me earlier this year with their Purple Punch, a variety I must admit I canceled years ago for not hitting as well as it should. Like Punch, Fat Nells Blue Sherbert proves that you can get the best out of a strain. That elusive blueberry aroma is there and justified, and despite a relatively low THC content, she hits with a surprising amount of tingling and super relaxing vibes. Amelia Williams


Golden Goat


Golden Goat. Sativa. (Courtesy of Reddit)

If you can snag yourself some Golden Goat Rythms on the first weekend of the Maryland Adult Sales, I salute you. This has been one of my favorite sativa-dominant tropical strains that has a unique flavor and always offers a carefree euphoria, perfect for pairing with 4th of July barbecues, poolside lounging and popsicles. Golden Goat is a mix of Island Sweet Skunk, Hawaiian and Romulan expect black pepper, pineapple and a funky sweetness. Few still endorse this exotic cultivar, but it continues to garner awards, most recently at the 2019 Commonwealth Cannabis Competition. Rythm does an outstanding job with it. The buds are large, medium, and green with Goats’ characteristic abundance of fine orange hairs and down full of dull trichomes. Amelia Williams


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Grapefruit ice cream

Gardens of brave boats

Grapefruit ice cream. (Courtesy of Brave Boat Gardens)

Syrup, citrus fruits, gas, smiles. Artisan growers and processors Brave Boat Gardens stoke the fire that Maine has some of the best herbs in the country. This cultivar is also known as First Class Funk, and leads to mouth-smacking funk. Brave Boat also produces it in pre-roll and live rosin form to sweeten regardless of method of consumption. AW



The Farmers’ Club

Creamy and thick, this cross of Gary Payton and Cosa Nostra is one of the tastiest and most enjoyable strains to smoke in all of Sin City. Bred by The Grower Circle, the modest counts of caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene give it a lemony candy flavor with a little pine in the entry. Pellegreeno provides an equally delicious blast of earth and gas at the exit. This sativa’s solid 27.5% THC count and broad terp profile make her hit hard and fast, leaving consumers elated and creative yet relaxed and hungry. Grower Circle is available in 40 Las Vegas Valley dispensaries, including Jardin, Rise, Essence, The Source, Las Vegas ReLeaf, Cookies, Green Cannabis, Zen Leaf, and Sahara Wellness. It also comes as RSO. Chris Kudialis

Thanks to our newfound freedoms, there is too much excellent cannabis in the United States to cram into one shopping guide. Here’s another bit of fire we’ll try all over America.


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Zoap, grown from Heights, LA.  (David Downs/Frondoglia)
Zoap. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Frondoglia)

Portland, Oregon is one of the major weed cities in the United States, and this 4th of July sports a firework display of a burning barge.

Kalya Garlic Juice Fresh Pressed Rosin to Lemonnade.

Gak Melon five pack pre-rolls from Real Eve at the Power Plant on Thurman.

Moonglow Seeds from the Archive at the Portland Archive.

Zoap Quarter Ounce Flower by Resin Ranchers at the Portland Archive.


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RS-11.  Hybrid.  (David Downs/Frondoglia)
RS-11. Hybrid. (David Downs/Frondoglia)

Seattle has warmed up and it’s time to get burned with these hot flavors on Puget Sound.

Unicorn Poop x Pineapple Piece #5 Skord’s Reserve Flower at Have a Heart, Skyway.

Torus’ RS-11 at Have a Heart, Skyway.

Phetti of Fifty Fold at A Green Today in Seattle.


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Denver, Colorado is one of America’s first weed-legal cities, and the selection is like no other. Be sure to try:

Golden Goat by Natty Rems at Chronic Therapy.

Piescream #7 by 710 Labs at Mana Supply Co.

Runtz of Harmony Excerpts at Lit Dispensary Federal.


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Chicago’s hot, humid summers are in full swing with some new flavors in this emerging market. Attempt:

Cadillac Rainbow by Legends Flower cannabis brand Sunnyside Wrigleyville.

Columbia Care’s Dirty Squirt at Dispensary 33.

Lost Farm Strawberry Lemonade Gummies at MedMen.


A photo of Mimosa (David Downs/Leafly)
Mimosa. Hybrid. (David Downs/Frondoglia)

Kansas City celebrates its first summer of legalization with low supplies and classic flavors. Use Leafly to pre-order and collect to secure your bag.

Durban Poison from The Solid to Fresh Karma.

OG Kush by Gold Rush at The Forest.

Mimosa by Elevate Missouri in Elevate, Kansas City.


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And this is a wrapper. As always, the brightest fire is the one in your bowl. So whatever you smoke, be proud. Well, you’ll get more of summer’s gummies and the west’s best hash for 7/10 on Leafly, so keep the app open.

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